Katy Taylor’s Warm Covers For Cold Nights Reviewed:
What a blockbuster!! I just knew this cd was going to be good, but it turned out to be excellent. There is no way that you can listen to this cd without tapping your toes or snapping your fingers. I would call this project “easy listening bluegrass”, as well as pop, country, & gospel. it had something for everyone. We loved the wonderful lyrics to those thought provoking songs.

While singing those songs the lead and harmony singing changed several times within this project. The voices were delicate, strong & soulful with a wide range of emotions. I can’t forget the flawless instrumental work by some of the best musicians I have heard in quite some time.

Most CD’s are somewhat predictable, but this project was the exception. You never knew what was coming next which raised the level of anticipation for the next song. As I was playing the entire CD, my request line was constantly lit signifying my listeners appreciation of this project. As all songs were requested to be played again, I will play several cuts each week until this cd has been played in total again. Thank you very much for sharing your fine project with us.

Al Shusterman, KCBL Radio
Sacramento, CA

Katy Taylor: Warm Covers for Cold Nights – available at CD Baby